Bentota - a popular resort town with mostly 4-5 star hotels and one of the best beaches on the island. During the tour you will visit an ancient Buddhist temple Galapatha. Unique temple Kande Viharaga with unusual architecture and one of the tallest statues of seated Buddha in the world. The manor of the architect Bevis Bawa with a huge park-garden. Another remarkable and interesting place located in Bentota - manor Lunuganga created by the younger brother of Beavis - Jeffrey Bawa. And turtle farm with different kinds of turtles and detailed excursion.

Tour cost: Rs 7500, plus entrance tickets (per person): Bevis Bawa garden - Rs 1000, Lunuganga - 1500 rupees, turtle farm - 500 rupees.

Happy and healthy life - project "Oasis"
“Oasis” is a place where you will live and work surrounded by nature with a comfortable climate, next to people who are close in spirit and lifestyle. A place where you can be truly happy.
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How to get from the Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa

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