At your disposal the whole day will be small comfortable car and polite English speaking driver Sinhalese. We will not call him a guide, but his knowledge is sufficient for these tours, and the cost of services lower. On average, the duration of the tour is 6 hours, but you can both accelerate and stretch it at will. During the tour you'll be able to choose the time and place of dinner. The cost of a one-day tour in Sri Lanka is for 1-3 people. Meals, as well as some optional fees are not included in the tour price, the cost of excursions available separately.

You can book any of these tours even if you do not live in our villa. Departure possible from any place in Hikkaduwa, as well as nearby towns and villages from Ambalangoda to Galle and Unawatuna.

Optionally, you can visit any other place near Hikkaduwa or near the route of any tour. An additional payment for this is not required. But if you need a ticket for the excursion you will have to pay separately. It is also possible drafting of an individual route of the tour by car to the south of Sri Lanka - contact us personally at the address in the contact section.

During the day you can get acquainted with the most famous and interesting tourist destinations for beach holidays. Starting from beaches of Hikkaduwa and Narigama, if you have not had time to get acquainted with them, you go on the road along the ocean to make a lot of great pictures of the beautiful beaches of the island. Island in the ocean near Dodanduva, Bonavista beach in Galle, Unawatuna Beach and the "secret" Jungle Beach. Koggala Beach - known fishermen on poles and good surfing. Surf spots Midigama and Weligama.
At the end of the tour you can enjoy the sunset on a small island Parrot Rock between two of the three most beautiful beaches of Mirissa.
Tour Price: Rs 9000

Bentota - a popular resort town with mostly 4-5 star hotels and one of the best beaches on the island. During the tour you will visit an ancient Buddhist temple Galapatha. Unique temple Kande Viharaga with unusual architecture and one of the tallest statues of seated Buddha in the world. The manor of the architect Bevis Bawa with a huge park-garden. Another remarkable and interesting place located in Bentota - manor Lunuganga created by the younger brother of Beavis - Jeffrey Bawa. And turtle farm with different kinds of turtles and detailed excursion.
Tour cost: Rs 11000, plus entrance tickets (per person): Bevis Bawa garden - Rs 1500, Lunuganga - 2000 rupees, turtle farm - 1000 rupees.

You will visit the picturesque old Dutch fort in Galle, as well as fruit and fish markets. Then go to a resort town nearby - Unawatuna, to get on the famous, "secret" Jungle Beach. Along the way you also will glance at a silk factory, a Buddhist temple, and optionally - the local shops and cafes.
Tour cost - 9000 rupees

Your journey begins with a visit to the monument to the victims of the tsunami in the form of a huge statue of Buddha and the photo-museum about tsunami. Then you can get to know about the life of turtles in the turtle farm and about ways of mining and processing of precious stones in Sri Lanka in one of the moonstone mines. And if you wish you can buy as a souvenir or even a talisman one of the national masks after acquaintance with their history in the museum. And of course you can enjoy a gorgeous view of the island in the middle of a large lake Maduganga.
Tour cost - 9000 rupees, plus 750 rupees per person for the entrance to the turtle farm

The basis of this tour - 2-hour safari boat on a large lake and a tributary of the river Maduganga. You can see a variety of birds, water monitor lizards, crocodiles and amazing mangroves. Visit cinnamon farm, ancient temple on a small island, a fishing village and the amazing floating field of red and white lotuses.
Along the way, you can also visit the Museum of the victims of the tsunami and the turtle farm.
Tour cost - 14000 rupees, plus Rs 750 per person for the entrance to the turtle farm, optionally

Adahalena Ella - is not very well known among tourists, a small but beautiful waterfall near the town of Elpitiya. To get to the waterfall, you will need to cross several small rivers in the jungle. The route for this trail is very scenic and not less fascinating than the waterfall itself. On the way to the waterfall you will visit the moon stone mine, where you can buy precious souvenirs if desired. You can go to the temple and see the tea plantations.
Tour cost - 12000 rupees

Ratgama lake with two islands near the village Dodanduva will delight by the beautiful views that you can enjoy during the 1.5 hour journey in a rowboat. Visit the island of the lake, see birds, reptiles and animals, many plants and amazing mangroves.
On the way to the lake you will visit a small island in the ocean. And to complete the Excursion will be able to buy fresh fish at the local fish market.
Tour cost - 9000 rupees

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