The beginning of the year sets the tone of its run - everybody say so in Russia, but hardly anyone takes it 100% seriously. But maybe there is some sence. And this year I can easily find this out.

This year started for me in unusual way, although I spent this time at home. But for Ed, it was the most unusual New Years Eve! He spent it at a luxury beach in Hikkaduwa, which is on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka.

In a completely unexpected coincidence, short time before Ed got a job as manager of the Villa "Sisira" in Hikkaduwa. Now he is preparing first rooms for tourists. Soon everything will be ready, and we will work there together.

This is absolutely unique place! I am so exited about this place, and now i will tell why: 

First: a popular beach resort

Hikkaduwa - one of the most popular resorts in Sri Lanka. The town is located in a beach area. Here huge flat sandy beaches. By the way, Hikkaduwa is the second of the best places in Sri for surfing.

Uder water there is also a lot of interesting o see. Korral Forest, the ancient ships, and  big variaty of beautiful exotic fish. Therefore divers are exited about this place. And who does not want to dive, can take an excursion to the glass-bottom boat.

The city and the surrounding area has also a huge amount of interesting places. It seems to me that almost all kinds of attractions that exist in different parts of Sri Lanka, are concentrated around Hikkaduwa. Here there is a turtle farm, temples, huge picturesque lake ( you can take a boat tour), the fish market, the mines of precious stones, the temple on a small island, the Museum of traditional masks of Sri Lanka.

In half an hour drive you can visit Galle, where you can take a tour or go on your own. There are also interesting places, big shops, and here you can buy beautiful jewelry and gems.

Hikkaduwa - is the best resort in Sri Lanka. There is accommodation for any taste and budget, a lot of cafes, restaurants and shops, and also a large number of attractions in the area.

Secondly: Location Villas

The villa "Sisira" is located in a 5-minute walk from the ocean (Narigama Beach). This is optimal this distance, safe in the case of large waves (whose season is not byvaetdevil yet. In reality, however - in the hotel, which is right on the beach is very loud noise of ocean, the first 2 hours you may like this, but then it starts to bother) And at the villa you can still hear the ocean, but it does not sound intrusive, but on the contrary - it's nice and relaxing.

The villa is located in a quiet place where, no any the noise of streets and roads, only the sounds of nature. But it is also not far from civilization, markets and cafes. That is optimally convenient. It is perfect for a relaxing, comfortable stay.

Third: The house

This colonial mansion. The house was built 150 years ago and that's amazing! - It has its own name - Sisira, which in Sinhala means - Sun Shine)) Outside the house is made in the Sinhalese style - white walls, red tile roof, carved wooden ornaments under the roof and on the veranda. Veranda cozy and spacious.

Inside - the furniture in the colonial style. Massive wardrobes made of exotic wood, wicker chairs, comfortable beds. All made of wood.

The house is surrounded by greenery huge garden with various fruit trees, palms, shrubs. I do not know yet all about all the fauna, but ones here came a cute small monkey and the Chipmunks were also seen here) . Gecko usually visit in the evening, and during the day you can see iguana in garden.

There are also many exotic birds. Different types of small colorful birds, even glorious peacocks!

The house offers 5 nice rooms for guests. Now 4 rooms are ready and waiting for tourist). You can book room on villa's web site

You can rent a room or several rooms for a big company. As longer you stay - so less you pay,

So we Welcome  you to Paradise!

Happy and healthy life - project "Oasis"
“Oasis” is a place where you will live and work surrounded by nature with a comfortable climate, next to people who are close in spirit and lifestyle. A place where you can be truly happy.
I am interested!

This site is mainly devoted to our villa in Hikkaduwa and Hikkaduwa itself. Information about Sri Lanka, other accommodation options and our additional services can be found on our page

How to get from the Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa

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