There are two  international airports in Sri Lanka -  Colombo airport and Mattala (HRI). The second one is not so wellknown. Some times tickets to this direction are cheaper. There are few information about it, so we went there and explore thia place ourselves.

Where is the International Airport Mattala Rajapaksa?

The airport is located at the southern point of the island, 30 km from Hambantota. If the road from Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa is 120 km, from Mattala to Hikkaduwa - 185 km. It is located in the middle of the savannah, although the locals call it the jungle. Location is not that usual, and quite wild. You can even see a sign "beware of wild elephants."  And there you can also meet peacocks, buffalo, egrets and other inhabitants of the savannah. And we have seen the leopard (airport staff confirmed that it was a leopard)! Of course, leopards do not go to the airport, but you can see them in the distance, or even on the road.

How to get to / from the airport Mattala

The airport landing Mattala is convenient for those who want to go to Tangalle, Arugam Bay, Mirissa. And those who want to save money for the flight and are ready and waiting to travel by public transport. The territory around the airport, as I said, is not touched by civilization. If you watched movies about the Wild West. here's something like this  The nearest town of Hambantota, by the way, this is often referred to as the airport - Hambantota. If you want to stay overnight, you can find a room in a village 17 km from the airport, or at the very Hambantota. you will not have a wide choice, it is necessary to accept the fact that there are people here do not even traded)).
Taxi or shuttle to the airport is not common. Therefore, if you suddenly want to leave in comfort, you need to pre-book a transfer. Our partners transfer Mattala airport costs $ 110 to Hikkaduwa To book a transfer with us -. Email or call us. And also you can use the services of KiviTaksi

From the airport runs a single bus to Hambantota from 8 am to 5 pm. Every two hours. From Hambantota it is already possible to get buses to many resort towns or to Matara where you can take the train.

Description of the airport

The building of the airport itself does not look pathetic, but gently and carefully renovated. Inside the fresh interior, and perhaps because of the minimum operating area just well preserved from the time of construction, it seems in 2013. Despite the fact that the flights go, to put it mildly, not often, a lot of different personnel. There is a bank, but it seems to work only during arrivals. ATMs are working around the clock at the output. There is even a restaurant, but it also does not always work. In the waiting room there are chairs and a wall outlet to charge the phone while waiting for the morning bus)) and free Wi fi! Log into the airport to meet - 100 rupees.

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to exotic locations with fucking awesome views, low prices for the flight, there are other advantages. One of the most important - great empty and scenic drive from the airport to the city and highway. And here the stuff is glad to each passenger. My father arrived on a flight alone. The plane stopped in Colombo, where all disembarked, and then flew on to Mattala. The father even sat in business class, because the plane was completely empty. He was met by entire staff of the airport. All bowed and smiled, as if was the VIP)

The main disadvantages are associated not with the airport and with the lack of any infrastructure. But in my opinion the airport has a big potential, and in Hambantota Chinese are building a huge port, so soon there will be more flights and will be all you need.

Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport
Buddha inside the airport
ATM at the entrance
Road to the Mattala airport
Rice fields by the way to the Hambantota airport
Hambantota on sunrise

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How to get from the Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa

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