Hikkaduwa is located closer to the south of the island, 115 km from Colombo. You can get here by yourself on a train or bus from Colombo. More comfortable and expensive option - take a taxi from the Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport. The taxi will cost about $ 50, but often you should bargain for this price. If you are traveling a small company up to 6 people, you can take a minivan for $ 60. If you would like to book transfer in advance it will cost more - 65 usd from our partners and above from another companies.

Since 2016 Flydubai airline also operates flights to the airport Mattala Rajapaksa. Tickets here are cheaper, but there are important points to know before you choose this airport. For more information about the airport, transfer from Matala airport, near public transport and housing, we have told in this article, "Mattala Airport".

And if you have not yet bought tickets, be sure to read the article "Airline tickets and visas to Sri Lanka." Note: not all sites can be selected Mattala airport. In our form, you can specify it (just start typing "Mattala" or "Hambantota" (HRI).

Now more detail on how to reach us. There are several options how to get to Hikkaduwa from the airport.

Inexpensive - public transport

In any case, (if you just want to go to Hikkaduwa), you first need to get from the airport to Colombo. Colombo is 36 km from the airport (just over an hour on average).

From Colombo to Hikkaduwa can be reached by bus from the central station (Petah market) or by train from Colombo Fort station (railway station and bus station are close to each other). Here you can see the schedule of trains

3 options how to get to Colombo from the airport

  1. By bus or tuk-tuk to the intersection with the Colombo-Negombo Road (tuk-tuk costs about 150 rupees), there transfer to a bus to Colombo.
  2. A direct local bus to Colombo. It is basically a mini bus with air conditioning. The cost is much more expensive than a regular bus, but it is the quickest and easiest option, especially if you are with luggage.
  3. By bus or tuk-tuk to the rail station in Katunayake. From there the train to Colombo Fort (about an hour on the way).

During the day more quickly go by train, because already at the entrance to Colombo starting traffic jams from the early morning. And at night the bus is better.

If you want a break from the road, then look for hotels in the Katunayake - prices will be lower than in Colombo or Negombo, and the conditions are the same, basically. We can recommend the hotel, our friends - Hostel First

To Hikkaduwa by bus

So you've got to Colombo. If you decide to go to Hikkaduwa by bus, you need to look for the buses in the direction of Matara (Matara, Galle, Tangale). They all go by the same route through Hikkaduwa.

In Hikkaduwa you need to get off at Narigama (landmark - Avenra hotel - a square building with orange abstract lines). It is a little farther Hikkaduwa bus station. By the time the bus ride takes about three hours.

By train to Hikkaduwa

If you decide to travel by train to Hikkaduwa, first suggested to view the schedule (by the way there are several smartphone applications with the train schedule). The direction of the same - Matara (this is the end station). Next Matara train does not go. The trains in this direction with carriages 2-nd and 3-rd class, which is about the same for comfort. The road will take about 2 hours. You need to get to the station Hikkaduwa. And from there transfer to the bus in the direction of Galle. The bus station is very close to the railway station. On the Bus go to stop Narigama (landmark - Avenra hotel - a square building with orange abstract lines).

You can also take a tuk-tuk straight to our house, the normal price of 150 rupees, but they will ask for more - you should to haggle)

How to find our house?

Opposite the hotel "Avenra" road goes inland. You need to turn onto this road and go straight 400 meters (about 5 minutes). On the left side you will see a large noticeable building "Vacational Training Center" -  turn to the left behind him. Soon (100 meters) you’ll see the large black gates and the white house behind it.

Private transfer, taxi from the airport to Hikkaduwa

  • It can be ordered in advance through the company, then you will be met by driver holding a sign at the exit from airport. Worth of such option is 8,600 rupees (proposed to us by one of the carriers companies) to 11,000 at the rates on the websites of various companies. Plus the fact that you do not need to look up how to get to your destination, a bargain, and you will not find yourself in one of the possible, but fortunately rare, unpleasant stories. If you like this option, read more in the article "Transfer from Colombo airport"
  • Option easier and a little cheaper - to take a taxi on arrival. Already at the exit from the airport, in the arrivals area, where you find yourself after get your luggage, there is a taxi stand. Feel free to contact and negotiate)). On average, the normal price for a car with air conditioning 6000 - 8000 rupees ($ 45-50), Minivan 7500-10000 rupees (about $ 60).

Most likely already in the road you will be offered the choice to go on the highway (the toll road) or the usual way. Travel on the one highway (there are two highways, the first is shorter and cheaper) is worth 450 rupees, and we recommend choose it. You will reach Hikkaduwa more quickly and more comfortable, can even take a nap on the way. And what's more, you can negotiate the total cost including highway at the beginning.

If you are traveling not from the airport, but from the center of the island, or any other direction, you can ask as  how to go in the comments to this post or private message (contacts in the contacts))), we show you how to reach us more quickly.

The road from Hikkaduwa to the airport

From us to the airport, you can get exactly the same way: by bus, train or taxi. There is another option - to share a taxi. A lot of people travel from Hikkaduwa to the airport at the around same time, and here at the place, you can pre-arrange a taxi and go along with the other tourists on the minivan. Will be not that expensive, but still comfortable and fast.

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How to get from the Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa

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