Hikkaduwa is not in vain considered to be one of the most popular beach resorts in Sri Lanka. If you do not know where to go, choose Hikkaduwa - will not go wrong. Everything is there for an exotic holiday, and for every taste.

If you enjoy outdoor activities - Hikkaduwa waves ideal for surfing. There is also a good place for diving - a coral reserve with numerous colorful fish and other underwater inhabitants.

Hikkaduwa is also ideal for family holidays - big clean beach, excursions, plenty of cozy cafes, wonderful nature.

In the evening there is also not boring - restaurants, beach discos. The main street is well lit.

So now, in detail:

Getting there

Hikkaduwa, as you can see on the map, is located in the south. If you have just arrived in Sri Lanka, it is convenient to travel here from Colombo at the local train (2nd and 3rd grade) or bus. There are buses with air conditioning. The journey takes about 3 hours. But time passes unnoticed, because the road offers beautiful scenery, because It runs along the coast of the ocean.

A detailed article on how to get from the airport to Hikkaduwa

If you are coming from the center of Lanka, or from the east coast, it will not work to get a direct train. Only with transfers. If you have a car or bike, then of course, no problem.

Close to Hikkaduwa - big city of Galle. There are supermarkets, souvenir and jewelery shops. So if you need something to buy, but it's not in Hikkaduwa, you can probably find it all in Galle. And no need to go into a bustling Colombo.

Weather in Hikkaduwa

In the south, the longest high season. In Hikkaduwa it lasts roughly from November to April. High season suggests a minimum amount of precipitation and the calm ocean. The rest of the year is nothing much changes. Only it rains often. But these rains are warm and are not permanent, from time to time. But the ocean is less calm, although there is lagoon where you can swim in any season.

In the off-season here you can sunbathe and attend excursions. There are many interesting places in the city and nearby.


The season in Hikkaduwa include surfing, body surfing, diving and snorkelling. There is a school of diving and surfing. And the place where you can rent the necessary equipment.

Overview of beaches in Hikkaduwa

You can go to the mines, to see how the mined gems. Feed the turtle on turtle farm not far from the city. To go on a boat trip or a fishing trip. It will be interesting even just walking the local area, go to the temple or take a walk along the shore of a picturesque lake.


In Hikkaduwa are many places where you can just a quick snack, or enjoy delicious dishes. Basically, it is the national cuisine, seafood dishes. But there are also European cuisine.

And in the morning is worth at least once to visit the fish market and buy freshly caught tuna, stingray, crabs, shrimp and other sea delicacies.

If you are cooking for yourself - the products can be purchased at one of the many shops in the market or in the supermarket.


In Sri Lanka a lot fruit, the existence of which many do not even know. In Hikkaduwa everywhere selling papaya, bananas, pineapple, mango, coconut, jackfruit. In supermarkets you can find the dragon fruit, watermelon. During the season a lot of rambutan, mangosteen, lychee, passion fruit.

In Lanka, 154 species of bananas. In different regions you can find some special. They are mostly small, but very sweet. Mango is also a few species. All shapes and sizes, and the taste is also different. Pineapples are very sweet and juicy.


Nature of Hikkaduwa - exotic and colorful. Lush tropical vegetation. Palm trees everywhere. A variety of feathered creatures. From small hummingbirds to peacocks, which usually walk in the morning.

Squirrels, mongoose, monkeys. Iguanas, lizards, chameleons, turtles. In the temples you can see elephants. Dangerous animals such as poisonous snakes or spiders, I have not yet encountered.


Lodging in Hikkaduwa diversified. From luxury hotels to unpretentious hostels and guesthouses for democratic prices.

We advise to choose the accommodation is not on the shore. At first glance, it is very convenient, but in practice - very noisy. Evening discos and non-stop annoying sound of the ocean in a few days boring. It is much more comfortable - 2-3 line. Again, try to choose a place away from busy roads.


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How to get from the Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa

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